The P1200 Planter System was specifically designed for rooftop gardens but can be adapted to almost any situation. The system is designed to be a modular system that can form garden beds of infinite size and shape.

The garden beds can be up to 1.2m high and can be designed with sub surface fixing systems or even be made free standing. This can be particularly important when some rooftop environments demand no penetrations in the slab. The planter system can also be modified and designed to allow for numerous options with regards to drainage. Especially with pre-existing rooftop designs. This is a particularly critical consideration when designing rooftop gardens. Our standard P1200 system utilises 6mm corten steel but can be modified to utilise planters with 2K painted surfaces.

The P1200 system has also been successfully used for retaining walls.

Project Specs

Concept By: Iguana Creative
Fabrication By: Iguana Creative
Materials: Corten Steel