Our ‘Metaskin’ Cladding System is designed to create a wall cladding where flexibility and creativity are at the forefront of decision making. The design allows for the walls to be inconsistent in shape and form but still allow for a natural flow in cladding.

For example, the wall shown in the photographs had an inconsistent top and bottom line, had a vertical inconsistency between 0-8 degrees and was an inconsistent convex surface over between 50-90m depending on the wall. This Metaskin system allows us to clad an inconsistent curved wall wall successfully with flat sheet!

The pattern shown was design for a particular section on the Southern Expressway south of Adelaide. There are numerous alternative designs waiting for implementation. The system also allows for further artistic expression upon collaborative development.

The Metaskin system can also be adapted to create a green wall. One of the problems with green walls is the high maintenance required to keep them looking good. This system provides the advantages of a green wall but is a lot lower in maintenance.

Project Specs

Concept By: Iguana Creative
Fabrication By: Iguana Creative
Materials: Corten Steel, Steel