Our aim is to embrace the needs and concepts of our clients so that their visions can become a reality. We use our experience, expertise and knowledge gained over many years to ensure that projects are completed to the highest possible standard, on time and on budget.

Design – Our products are proven over time, with our strength being the selection of appropriate materials and manufacturing processes to achieve designs that are appropriate and sympathetic to their location and eventual end use.

Collaboration – It is not just us! It would be presumptuous of us to think that we have all the answers. We work closely with our clients to ensure we get their message through in the design of the end product, with assistance from us where appropriate. If necessary we engage assistance from other areas of expertise (eg; structural engineers) to ensure your project meets and satisfies the intended use. We also offer a complete installation service which involves working in harmony with other trades on site to ensure the project is installed efficiently and safely, without compromising our high standards.

Attitude – Underlying our approach is a customer focus that places you, the client, first and foremost. We enjoy the process of embracing a new concept to see it evolve and develop to the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Services

Many of our projects are straight forward with a basic product supply process. Other projects require a lot more consideration prior to becoming a reality. We can negotiate with Council on your behalf where required. We also regularly work with clients indirectly as a subcontractor under the management of large construction companies. We co-operate with the major contractor on installation and programming and operate under their rules and schedules whilst still providing the service to the end user (the client).

We employ a talented crew of qualified metal fabricators that have been trained to our way of thinking. As a lot of our work is not ‘right or wrong’ but artistic in nature, our approach to our work has to be different to allow for the flexibility and change that our area of work requires. It is not uncommon for us to completely change direction or technique mid project to correct the aesthetic need. It takes a different mindset from the typical technical tradesperson to immerse yourself in this way of working. The staff with this ability are the staff we value.

Over the years we have found that high quality painting services are a critical value add for our projects. We have a fully functioning painting department that provides high quality 2K paint finishes. Our focus is not just on basic painting services – The ultimate finish is our goal. We can also offer fine airbrushing and custom work. We do not just employ painters, we employ artists.

In the early 1980’s self adhesive vinyl cutters changed the face of signwriting. In the mid 1990’s digital print production forced another monumental shift in the industry. We have been a part of the industry through this period of change. We have large formation digital printers to produce artwork to 1.8m wide with 5-7 year UV stability.

We have qualified sign writers on staff. While proficient with the latest digital technology as detailed above we can still provide traditional sign writing techniques. We know it is a dying art but we’re not giving up that easy!

Another monumental change in signage techniques to become very evident is the use of LED technology. We embraced this technology in the early 2000’s and were quite selective in its use at the inception of the technology. As the products have improved and prices have come down it is now an affordable option in almost all cases. We have also used LED’s in solar signage systems where traditional power supply becomes unaffordable.

As evidenced above, in today’s challenging sign production environment our trade is multi faceted in the skills required. A simple project could involve metal trades, CNC production, electrical components, digital production and traditional sign writing skills. We have assembled the right equipment and a team that has strengths in all of the areas to be a ‘complete’ sign facility.

We will complete anything from a small sign installation, large scale artworks on building facades, public shelters and public art. We have the skills required and professionally manage all engineering, Council and OH&S needs for all projects.

Often overlooked but extremely important! We have all of the relevant insurances required to complete the installations.